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NASA: Dream Chaser Spacecraft to Begin Phase Two Flight Testing

Press Release.-
Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Dream Chaser full-scale, flight test vehicle is ready for transportation to NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) in California where Phase Two flight tests will be conducted in coordination with Edwards Air Force Base (AFB). Dream Chaser program upgrades and initial hardware testing were completed at the Louisville, Colorado spacecraft assembly facility, and within the next several weeks the same Dream Chaser vehicle that conducted Phase One flight testing will arrive at NASA’s AFRC. Upon arrival, SNC will begin a series of pre-flight ground evaluations to verify and validate the vehicle’s system and subsystem designs. 
After successful completion of all ground testing, Dream Chaser will begin its Phase Two free-flight testing. These activities are being conducted through a Space Act Agreement with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP).
“Dream Chaser continues to make strong progress toward orbital flight…

Nexus Angelfish and Swordfish Google`s smartwatches renders and specifications surged.

Nexus Angelfish smartwatch is similar to the LG Urbane LTE in terms of bulk, but we imagine this is to accommodate for a larger battery due to the LTE connectivity featured on the smartwatch  It’s apparently 43.5mm in diameter, making it smaller than the large 46mm Moto 360 but larger than the standard 42mm variant.In terms of colour options, it seems like the Nexus Angelfish smartwatch may only be available to buy in a single colour, titanium.SwordfishThe Nexus Swordfish (codename, not official!) looks to be a bit simpler. Described as being similar to the Pebble Time Round without the huge screen bezel in terms of design, Swordfish also sports a different button arrangement when compared to Angelfish.While Angelfish features three buttons, Swordfish features only one – a crown on the right-hand side of the smartwatch. It’s said to have a polished metal cap with a rigid crown-like bezel similar to that featured on the Apple Watch, which should again help convey the premium look and f…

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first Ad hints features . Video

Samsung Korea just released today in Korean the first Galaxy Note 7 ad:

The translation of the captions on the video  are:
Password should be complicated ? Good selfie depends on lighting ? Foreign language needs a rote memorization ? Falling into water means a dead-end ? 5, then 6 ? NO NOTE
The ad starts with  various ways to unlock a phone: fingerprint scanning, lock-screen patterns. 
Suggesting that those tech are old and complicated,and the Note 7 will bring something new :Iris scanner is simple, perhaps?
Then  a young woman lying on a bed is trying to take a sexy selfie with the help of some lighting, showing a  light bulb ,LED holiday lights near her face. Those are old  methods. Could this mean the Note 7 will have a front-facing flash?Next up, we see someone highlighting words in various old-fashioned, dead-tree books, picking out phrases in Asian scripts and in French, Russian and English. The caption mentions foreign words and memorization. Perhaps those busy highligh…

S-Pen coming for underwater use on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung's upcoming new and improved tablet phone will have little hardware overhaul as the world's top smartphone vendor is focused on highlighting some improved software-related features.
Edge screen, water resistance and iris scanning could be the three main points that Samsung plans to highlight at the company's unpacked event on Aug. 2 in New York, said officials, last week.
"Simply put, the Note 7 is an expanded version of the Galaxy S7 edge smartphone. The Note 7 will only be available with a curved screen in accordance with Samsung's latest strategy to promote mobile devices with breakthrough form factors," said a Samsung official.
The large-display phone with a stylus for handwriting is expected to have a 5.8-inch screen.
The Note 7 will be the first in the Note series to have the water-resistant feature.
More importantly, users will be able to use the "S-Pen" even underwater, according to executives at Samsung's first-tier local component su…

LG Electronics will supply telematics systems to Japan’s Toyota Motor.

LG Electronics will supply telematics systems that support wireless Internet in cars to Japan’s Toyota Motor, according to news reports on July 22. 
The company’s vehicle component business division has recently signed a deal with the Japanese auto giant to produce telematics systems to be equipped in Toyota vehicles sold in Japan and North America. 

LG is No. 1 player in the global telematics market with some 30 percent market share. 
The company will supply 11 key parts for General Motors’ first full-electric Chevrolet Bolt that debuts in October.

Samsung GALAXY Note 7 to arrive with a 3500 mAh battery. Confirmed.

South Korea Telecom just published last week what looks like some specifications of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in August 2 


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers leaked. Free Download.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers have been leaked. We have made them JPG files right down here but you can download them in PNG format from the link below.



2Q 2016: China smartphone market share: Huawei 20.8%, OPPO 12.7%, BBK/vivo 10.6 %, says TrendForce.

Huawei’s production volume has been revised downward; OPPO and Vivo continue with their stellar performancesHuawei’s smartphone production volume in the second quarter increased 7.4% over the previous quarter, arriving at 29 million units. Huawei is secure in its position as the third-largest brand in the global smartphone market, but its domestic rivals are becoming more aggressive. The sales of Huawei’s flagship P9, which features a dual camera, may fall short of expectations as other Chinese brands release competitive products. Taking this into consideration, TrendForce has made downward correction to projection of Huawei’s annual smartphone production volume.OPPO’s and Vivo’s smartphone production volumes were exceptionally high in the first quarter and continued to increase in the second quarter, with growth rates respectively at 15% and 8%. TrendForce expects both brands to maintain strong performances in the third quarter, with quarterly production volume increases exceeding 20…

2Q 2016: Smartphone Wordlwide market share: Samsung 24.5%, Apple 15.1%, Huawei 9.2%, says TrendForce.

Global Smartphone Production Volume Rose 8.9% Between First and Second Quarter to Reach 315 Million Units, TrendForce ReportsWorldwide smartphone production volume totaled around 315 million units in the second quarter, representing an 8.9% increase over the previous quarter and a marginal year-on-year increase of 3.2%, according to the latest report from the global market research firm TrendForce. Sales gradually recovered after the market endured the off season of the first quarter. Chinese brands in the second quarter continued to enjoy strong domestic demand generated by telecom operators’ smartphone subsidies. At the same time, they also benefited from demand pickup in North America and the emerging markets. In sum, Chinese brands have become major growth drivers in global smartphone sales.“The combined production volume of Chinese brands in the second quarter reached 139 million units, up 13.8% from the previous quarter,” said TrendForce smartphone analyst Avril Wu. “For the sec…

2Q 2016 Top 5 PC Vendors in Europe, Middle East and Africa(EMEA): HP 25.4%, Lenovo 19.4%, Dell 11.9%, says IDC.

Source: IDC EMEA Quarterly PC Tracker, Preliminary Results, 2016Q2, July 2016* PC shipments = desktops and notebooks (including workstations)
Notes: UKI = the U.K. and Ireland; the Mediterranean = Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain; DACH = Austria, Germany, and Switzerland; Nordics = Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
Shipments are branded shipments for all form factors (including desktops and notebooks) and exclude x86 servers as well as OEM sales for all vendors. Data for all vendors is reported for calendar periods.
PC shipments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) performed above expectations, reaching 16.1 million units in the second quarter of 2016 — a 4.7% YoY decrease, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). Looking at regions, Western Europe stabilized at -0.8%, while Central and Eastern Europe and Middle East and Africa remained constrained respectively at -8.5% and -13.3%.
Notebooks in EMEA posted good performance, stabilizing at -1.7%. For the first time…

LG to develop foldable smartphone.

LG Electronics, which has struggled to elevate its smartphone sales for years, is said to have recently jumped into developing foldable display possibly to adopt it for its future mobile devices. 

The Electronic Times reported on July 21 that LG Display, the Korean tech giant’s sister display-making unit, has started its own foldable display development following last year’s setting up of a related task force team. 
Citing unnamed sources, the daily said LG’s foldable smartphone can be used like a tablet when unfolded and become a smaller device when folded. 

LG Display recently signed a licensing deal with Canada’s IGNIS Innovation to share organic light-emitting diode circuit technology. Even though the company didn’t reveal the specifics, industry watchers predict it could be used for foldable display.
Early this year, the company started installing production equipment for the sixth-generation plastic OLED at its E5 plant in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province. Its operation is expected t…

1Q 2016: As Slate Tablet ODM Shipments Fall, Detachable Tablets Will Drive Future Market Growth, says IDC.

IDC’s Worldwide Tablet Assembly (ODM) Research Report 2016Q1 shows global tablet shipments overall (including slate and detachable) dropped a massive 40% from the previous quarter. However, looking deeper into this trend, there is a significant difference between slate tablets and detachable tablets.
• Global slate tablet assembly industry trends show slate tablet assembly shipments dropped by 41% from the previous quarter, and 20% from last year, impacted by demand for large screen mobile phones. Taiwan ODM vendors made up approximately 34% of the global shipments, while ODM assembly vendors on the Chinese mainland accounted for almost 50%.
• Global detachable tablet assembly industry trends assembly shipments dropped by 35% from the previous quarter due to an off-peak season. However, boosted by continuous new product launches by brand vendors and the replacement of traditional notebooks, detachable tablet shipments grew markedly, up by 154% from last year. Taiwan's ODM industry c…

2Q 2016: Worldwide Smartwatch Market share: Apple 47% (-55%), Samsung 16% (+51%), Lenovo 9% (+75%), market declines 32%, says IDC.

Table Notes:Data is subject to change.Vendor shipments are branded device shipments and exclude OEM sales for all vendors.The "Vendor" represents the current parent company (or holding company) for all brands owned and operated as a subsidiary.The table represents a combination of both basic and smart wearable devices.Data only includes smartwatches capable of running third party applications on the device itself. Examples include Apple Watch, Moto 360, Gear S2. Devices like the Fitbit Blaze and Withings Activité are excluded since IDC considers these as "Basic Wearables" that do not run third party applications.All other wearable form factors (i.e. eyewear, earwear, clothing, wrist bands, etc.) are excluded.
For the first time, the worldwide smartwatch market saw a year-over-year decline of 32%, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDCWorldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker. Smartwatch vendors shipped 3.5 million units in the…