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2012: Samsung Galaxy III (3) to include own quad-core Exynos chip 4G LTE to reduce Qualcomm reliance.

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By expanding component procurement channels Samsung Electronics is lowering its dependency on U.S.-based telecommunication chip giant Qualcomm in a similar manner to Apple cutting its dependency on Samsung.

As a critical partner, San Diego-based Qualcomm has been paid multi-billion dollars for telecom chipsets used in a variety of Samsung’s electronic devices, a company official said. 
But a surge in smartphones equipped with advanced long-term evolution (LTE) technologies convinces Samsung to internalize its own capability of handling LTE-based chipsets.

"We respect the help from Qualcomm. But we are currently  gradually reducing our dependence amid the rapid rise of 4G LTE smartphones,’’ a Samsung official, who asked not to be identified, said Friday.

Qualcomm representatives in Korea weren’t available for comment.
As of last year, Sony was Samsung’s biggest overseas client by buying some 7 trillion won components, followed by Apple w…

Superman: iPad app give you X-Ray style vision.

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Superman: iPad app give you X-Ray style vision.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have X-ray vision? Well a new iPad app offers positive answer ‘yes ’to this question.

From complex engines and sports bikes to the humble desk lamp and kitchen toaster, the 'X is for X-Ray' app has 26 objects that only Superman's X-ray vision could expect to reveal.
Using new X-ray technologies Hugh Turvey, Artist in Residence at the Royal Institute for Radiology, mapped objects in three dimensions in both X-ray and solid form.
The 40-year-old from London said: ‘X is for X-Ray' is an interactive educational e-book that offers a magical view into 26 everyday objects, one for each letter of the alphabet.
‘Swipe your finger left and right and the objects rotate. A swipe up and down reveals their amazing x-ray 3D interiors.
‘Additional pages allow children and parents to explore the objects and ideas more deeply.’ 
Hugh's am…

Top 5 companies in market capitalization during 2011. Samsung N° 5 ahead of Oracle

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Top 5 companies in market capitalization during 2011.

A surge in Samsung Electronics’ smartphone business has boosted its market capitalization to $136.9 billion.

The figure raises Samsung to fifth in market capitalization among global IT firms, ahead of the world’s second-biggest software maker Oracle.
``We hope for a better year next year despite all difficulties,’’ said a spokesman.
According to the data compiled by financial sources, Oracle’s market cap as of Dec. 23 was estimated at $131 billion. Samsung is ahead of Intel by $12 billion.
All the top four were American companies. Apple is No. 1 at $374.9 billion, followed by Microsoft with $219 billion, IBM with $217.7 billion and Google, $205.1 billion.
``Last year, Oracle was ahead of Samsung in terms of market capitalization by more than $30 billion, but continued sluggish performances and stabilizing dollar-won rates helped the Korean firm,’’ the spokesman said.
In the third qu…

Apple to utilize IGZO panels instead IPS, for its new devices.

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Apple is expected to push forward the adoption of IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) flat panels, instead of IPS (in-plane switching) panels used currently, for its next-generation mobile display products, according to sources in Apple's supply chain.
Starting with the new iPads, Apple will utilize IGZO panels from Sharp in order to upgrade the display resolution of the new tablets to full HD level.
To enter the supply chain of iPads, Sharp has switched some of its capacity for large-size panels to the production of small-size panels for smartphones and tablet PCs, said the sources, adding that Sharp will also continue to roll out its Galapagos tablet lineup in 2012 using IGZO panels.
Most Taiwan-based flat panel makers are capable to produce IGZO panels, but the yield rates of such panels still remain a major concern for the makers.

iPad: Apple to increase battery capacity to14,000 mAH instead 6,500 mAH.

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The battery capacity for the high-end version of Apple's new iPad , will be increased to 14,000mAH compared to 6,500mAH used currently.
Apple's battery suppliers Simplo Technology and Dynapack declined to comment on matters concerning clients.
Apple is set to unveil two versions of its next-generation tablet, one for the high-end segment and one for the mid-range segment.
Meanwhile, the penetration rate of lithium-polymer batteries such as those used in iPad 2 is expected to reach 15% in 2012 compared to 5% in 2011.
Global production of lithium-polymer battery cells will top 400 million units in 2011, and the prices of the cells are expected to remain higher in 2012 after being hiked by 20% in the second quarter of 2011.

Apple filed a patent for face recognition.

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Yesterday Apple filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that outlines a method of face recognition for taking an iOS device out of sleep mode.
Maybe an upcoming feature on the next version of the iPhone or iPad?
Apple mentions that the software would isolate unique facial features in addition to specific skin tones to recognize a face. The software would memorize the attributes to the face, but the user may potentially have to reset the scan after any form of facial plastic surgery or something as simple as a sunburn.  
Apple is already utilizing face detection in the iPhone 4S for photography. The camera automatically detects up to 10 faces within the picture and sets the focus on the most prominent face.
 It’s likely that the current face detection software will be customized to work with facial recognition elements. Apple calls the new technology “low threshold face recognition” and is designed to work…

Happy New Year 2012: All Gameloft games on Android Market at $0.99

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Happy New Year 2012: All Gameloft on Android Market at $0.99
It’s almost 2012 and to celebrate the New Year  and Gameloft  is having out BIGGEST sale ever on Android Market!
 Enjoy ALL of Gameloft games at $0.99 for a limited time! Grab Tintin, Order & Chaos, and many more for under a dollar. Even Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is going on sale, but only for 24 hours! 
 Follow Gameloft on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to find out which day the FPS will be on sale and enjoy the rest of their games for only 99¢ NOW!

Facebook Messenger for Windows desktop app available for download.

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You can now keep tabs on your notifications, friend requests, ticker, and chat all without opening your browser. However you have to sign in before on the Facebook website, where you are redirected after you load the Messenger.
The one feature you wish were available would be the viewing and commenting controls that you have when you’re visiting Facebook in-browser. 
Included items like listening in with friends or viewing pictures via the desktop app would be a huge improvement.
FaceBook desktop app download link for Windows

CES 2012: LG to unveil 84 inch Smart 3DTV

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LG is going to show off an 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition (UD) television that’s capable of 4K resolution.
Designed to display a pixel density that’s four times any 1080p television, the 84-inch behemoth offers a resolution of 3840 by 2160 or eight million pixels. The flat panel utilizes a embedded 2D-to-3D conversion engine that allows viewers to watch 2D content in a simulated 3D format. In addition, consumers can play with the 3D Depth Control to modify the 3D effect that’s being created during the 2D-to-3D conversion process. 
LG also offers the ability to control sound processing with the 3D Sound Zooming function which allows users to digitally place themselves within the 3D sound field using only the front two speakers. The panel also connects to the Smart TV application storefront and allows the user to peruse and install up to 1,200 different applications on the television. LG has dubbed the control for the television as…

Samsung Electronics Ships over 1 Million Units of Galaxy Note Globally

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Samsung Electronics Ships over 1 Million Units of Galaxy Note Globally

Samsung's flagship smart device Galaxy Note has reached 1 million global shipping.
Samsung Electronics said on the 29th that it has shipped more than 1 million units of Galaxy Note globally. 

The worldwide sales of Galaxy Note are also on the rise in Europe and Asia including France, Germany, Hongkong and Taiwan. The rapid global sales of Galaxy Note are notable since it is creating a new market for something between smartphone and tablet pc. The speed of the global sales is expected to accelerate further next year when it will be available in the US.

Recently, Financial Times reviewed highly of Galaxy Note, commenting it as"a happy medium for consumers who want to carry just one device, rather than both a smartphone and a tablet and whatever other portable gadget they pick up on their way out".
A Samsung official also said "1 million global sh…

LTE: USA: Sprint LTE deployment on track for 2013.

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Sprint has achieved a number of milestones in the deployment of Network Vision this year. As part of its Network Vision program, operator doubled its 2011 capital investment over 2010 to make tens of thousands of capacity upgrades, resulting in a better wireless experience for its customers, announced Sprint.
Operator is on track to offer LTE devices by mid-year 2012 and complete the majority of its Network Vision rollout in 2013. Sprint expects to make additional announcements about the timing of LTE markets and devices early next year.
This year, Sprint completed development and integration of back-office systems to support the new base stations to ensure a seamless rollout and finished lab testing of all components of the Network Vision platform, eliminating most technical risks of the program and validating rapid LTE deployment schedule. Operator also launched first multi-modal base station in Branchburg, N.J., and valida…

LTE: Kuwait: Viva launches 4G LTE services.

WorldWide Tech & Science. Francisco De Jesús.LTE: Kuwait: Viva launches 4G LTE services.

Kuwait Telecommunication Company VIVA, a STC Group company, has launched commercial 4G LTE service in Kuwait. LTE services will be available in selected central areas in Kuwait at the beginning, whereby the network coverage to expand in the near future to cover all areas. 
"As VIVA has always been the pioneer in providing customers with the latest in the field of telecommunication, the step taken towards the launch of the LTE technology, for the first time in Kuwait, comes after the company had secured the latest and advanced equipments needed to launch and effectively activate this eagerly awaited technology," said VIVA CEO Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran.
VIVA plans to continue investing in the advanced (LTE) technology over the coming period, to cope with the latest broadband technologies and to meet the customers' expectation and to lead the development of telecommun…

HP Dubai site Twitter wisher for the New Year 2012. Did you send yours?

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A little fun break time for the New Year 2012 to come :

HP Dubai has had a great idea making a special twitter site for you to send your New Year 2012 wishes  via Twitter, here is mine:

The game doesnt stop there. After you tweet HP Middle East thanks you with a tweet:

On the site hptwitterwisher you can find a balloon draggin the snow blue star on the banner below to BALLOONS FOUND and then will show up:

Make a click on  the left of the map in my case and will show you the following, where you can enter the PIN number of the ballon you found:

Source: hptwitterwisher

LTE products:NTT Docomo,Fujitsu,Fujitsu Semiconductor,NEC,Panasonic and Samsung in joint venture.

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NTT DOCOMO has reached a basic agreement with five companies to establish a fabless joint venture company by the end of March 2012 to develop and sell semiconductor products for mobile devices. The joint venture company will focus on developing products for LTE and LTE-Advanced mobile communication standards.
Companies in joint venture are Fujitsu Ltd., Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd., NEC Corporation, Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 
The joint venture company, leveraging the six investing companies’ strong backgrounds in cellular communication technology and vast experience in application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) design and foundry manufacturing, will develop feature-rich, small-size, low-power-consumption semiconductor products equipped with modem functionality. The products will be sold in markets globally.
The envisioned joint venture company will be formed once all parties…

CES 2012: Finalists for the 11th annual Last Gadget Standing competition were announced today.

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Finalists for the 11th annual Last Gadget Standing competition at the 2012 International CES were announced today and include: Lytro – a simple box-like camera that takes photo first and then lets you bring it into focus; PlayStation Vita – a new pinnacle in portable gaming systems; Autom Robot – a weight-loss robot that engages you in a dialog about your goals; Cotton Candy – Android on a stick; plugs into any screen via USB or HDMI; WIMM One Dev Preview – it looks like a wristwatch but can be transformed into a mobile communicator for just about anything, weather, a phone, etc.; Origami – a high tech baby stroller with electronic dashboard, pedometer, iPod holder, etc.; Swivl – an iPhone dock that swivels to track your movements for hands free recording; Basis – body monitoring device with sensors for just about everything. The eight finalists, along with two undisclosed products that won&#…

DesignCon 2012 : Samtec to Present SI Fusion and Technical Paper .

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DesignCon 2012 : Samtec to Present SI Fusion and Technical Paper .

Samtec, Inc. will participate in the DesignCon 2012 conference and exhibition featuring SI Fusion, end-to-end interconnect solutions that make your entire system faster, thinner and lighter, across longer distances with lower overall costs. Samtec will also be presenting a 40-minute technical paper on connector model validation techniques for improved signal integrity. 

Samtec’s line of high speed, high density SEARAY™ open pin field arrays maximize grounding and routing flexibility and feature Edge Rate™ contacts optimized for signal integrity. The .050” (1,27mm) pitch system is available with up to 500 I/Os in stack heights from 4mm to 40mm. A right angle version is available for micro backplane applications, and a press fit tail option provides greater system flexibility. The latest 0,80mm (.0315”) pitch system offers up to a 50 percent board space savings…

Christmas weekend: Android device activations hit 3.7 million and iOS 3.1 million

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In a tweet touting the holiday numbers, Google's Android honcho Andy Rubin said 3.7 million Android devices were activated the weekend of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
As Rubin explained in a Google+ post last week, activations refer strictly to the number of new devices (not resold ones) that Google records subscribing to a mobile service.
This news--directly from the mouth of Google--follows yesterday's report from Flurry that Apple iOS and Android devices combined recorded 6.8 million activations on Christmas Day alone. It means a 3.1 million activations for iOS devices.That was a healthy leap from the 2.8 million seen last Christmas.

Chevrolet Malibu Eco 2013 debuts.

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Model:2013 Chevrolet Malibu Eco midsize sedanBody style / driveline:4-door, 5-passenger front-engine transaxle (front-drive)Construction:steel body-frame integral (unibody) with front and rear crumple zones; galvanized steel front fenders, hood, door panels, one-piece bodyside outer panel and trunk lidGlobal vehicle class:midsize sedanManufacturing locations:Fairfax, Kansas and Detroit-Hamtramck, MichiganKey competitors:Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord

EnginesType: Ecotec 2.4L DOHC I-4 VVT DI w/ eAssist Ecotec 2.5L DOHC I-4 VVT DI Application:Malibu EcoMalibu LS, LT, LTZDisplacement (cu. in. / cc):145.4 / 2384152.5 / 2499Bore & stroke (in. / mm):3.46 x 3.85 / 88 x 983.46 x 3.97 / 88 x 101Block material:cast aluminumcast aluminumCylinder head material:cast aluminumcast aluminumValvetrain:overhead camshafts, four-valves per cylinder, continuous cam phaser intake and exhaustoverhead camshafts, four valves per …