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Samsung began world´s first mass production of the 22-inch transparent LCD panel.

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Samsung Electronics Becomes the World’s First In Mass Production of the Transparent LCD Panel
SEOUL, Korea – March 31, 2011 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today that it began mass production of the 22-inch transparent LCD panel in March this year.

The panels come in two colors, the black-and-white type and the color type, and they have a contrast ratio of 500:1 with WSXGA+(1680*1050) resolution.

Compared with the conventional LCD panels that use back light unit (BLU) and have 5% transparency, Samsung’s transparent LCD panel boasts the world’s best transparency rate of over 20% for the black-and-white type and over 15% for the color type.

The transparent LCD panel has a high transparency rate, which enables a person to look right through the panel like glass, and it consumes 90% less electricity compared with a conventional LCD panel using back light unit.

It’s because a transparent LCD panel utilizes ambient ligh…

Seoul Motor Show 2011: Hyundai unveils next-gen FCEV sedan concept ‘Blue2’

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Hyundai unveiled its latest eco-friendly creation, the Blue2 ( “Blue square”) concept vehicle, the company’s first sedan-style Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) powered by hydrogen. 

The automaker also introduced its first gasoline-hybrid vehicle, the Sonata Hybrid, to its home market. Most importantly, Hyundai applied its new brand direction, “New Thinking. New Possibilities.”, throughout its exhibition, including its customer-oriented booth design, entertaining displays and cutting edge future technologies.

Hyundai Motor staged a world premiere of its new concept car, Blue2 (codenamed HND-6), a mid-size FCEV which shows a blueprint for future sedans. The name ‘Blue2’ is a combination of Hyundai’s sub eco-brand ‘Blue Drive’ and the number `2’ from H2, the symbol for hydrogen gas.

Aiming at gaining early leadership of the FCEV market, Blue2 is powered by a fuel cell electric system that delivers a stack power of 90kW(1.65kW/L) an…

UK: Fuel Cell Black Cabs Make First Appearance on London’s Roads

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LOUGHBOROUGH, UK–  Intelligent Energy, the global clean power systems company, has announced that the Fuel Cell Black Cabs have taken to the roads of London for the first time since being awarded Road Legal status by the UK Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA). At an event on 22nd March 2011, one of the Intelligent Energy powered taxis travelled from Forbes House, headquarters of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and the taxi’s base for the day, to some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

The project to deliver a fleet of the zero emission taxis to the streets of London in time for 2012 is on track, with the first Fuel Cell Black Cabs covering a combined total of over 8,000 miles in road and test track testing conditions. During its first tour of London’s roads, one of the Fuel Cell Black Cabs excelled in rush-hour traffic, with smooth and responsive acceleration provided by the fuel cell and el…

Swap your stuff iPhone Free app.

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Swap your stuff is a  iPhone Free app,that lets you manage your account, see what you can get for your stuff, and participate in swaps.

Enter a title, name or item ISBN/UPC code.


HP ePrint-enabled Printers First to Support Google Cloud Print.

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HP ePrint-enabled Printers First to Support Google Cloud Print Easily and securely print from Google apps without a PC connection or print driver
PALO ALTO, Calif., March 31, 2011
HP today announced that Google Cloud Print users can print directly to any HP ePrint-enabled printer from any Google Cloud Print supported app on any computer or smartphone.

HP’s portfolio of web-connected and cloud-aware printers for home and business are the first to support Google Cloud Print out of the box.

The combination of Google Cloud Print and HP ePrint printers makes printing from any web, mobile or desktop app that supports Google Cloud Print more intuitive, accessible and useful by eliminating the need for a print driver or PC connection to the printer. Apps supported by Google Cloud print currently include Gmail for Mobile, Google Docs for Mobile and Chrome OS, and will expand to include third-party apps.

“Making it easy fo…

How to use your Amazon Cloud Player for Android.Video.

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How to use your Amazon Cloud Player for Android. a Video made by CNET:

On a before post you cand find all the related to the Amazon Cloud Player here: Amazon

HP webOS TouchPad: No gesture area; instead, direct manipulation on the screen.

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On the HP webOS developer site at the end of the TouchPad specifications you can read the following:

"No gesture area; instead, direct manipulation on the screen." and also says: Gesture support for existing apps provided by thin on-screen strip just below cards"Source: TouchPad  click on the Touchpad image to scroll down.

UK:HP in talks with all UK operators to range its new webOS devices.

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Hewlett Packard is in talks with all UK operators to range its webOS-powered Veer and Pre 3 smartphones and its TouchPad tablet.

The computing giant said all the operators are showing keen interest in the three products, which are due to be launched this summer.

The devices are the first to come out of HP since it took over handset manufacturer and webOS developer Palm nine months ago.

Speaking to Mobile, Manuel Linnig, HP’s communications manager, said: ‘The feedback from all the operators has been very positive. They are showing a lot of interest and we are also talking to all the major retailers.’

Linnig said the webOS platform is a strong selling point: ‘We offer an alternative to what exists. If you are a consumer, you have hundreds of Android phones that look the same, how do you differentiate? We stand out.’

Linnig said HP is also confident its connectivity strategy will drive sales, pointing to HP’s Touch and Share application, wh…

HP APC 2011: HP webOS TouchPad seeks to exploit iPad Achilles' heel

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LAS VEGAS -- Hewlett-Packard Co. and its partners said the HP TouchPad can win over iPad business users who have had their fill of iTunes “tyranny.”

Many business users in love with their Apple iPads have forced their corporate IT to accept the consumer devices, but even those same users say iPad’s reliance on iTunes has its drawbacks.

ITunes serves as the sole on-ramp (and bottleneck) for iPad apps. Any kind of application that runs on the iPad must travel from iTunes, across Apple Inc.’s proprietary white cord into the device.

HP is banking that its partners –which it is encouraging to develop mobile practices around WebOS—can convince those customers to cut that white cord and go with the upcoming HP TouchPad.

HP: Businesses need to cut Apple’s white cord
Several attendees of this week’s HP Americas Partners Conference think they can do just that. “I think there’s a real market for a  business-oriented  touch device that will work with des…

HP APC 2011: Q&A to Todd Bradley about webOS and the TouchPad.

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HP webOS st the HP APC 2011
In Wednesday March 30th Todd Bradley. HP chief of the Personal Systems Group  was questioned about webos and the TouchPad. Here is what he answered:

9:15Q: WebOS and the Touchpad and the opportunity around it.
A: Palm was a “very strategic decision” for HP, and the focus was a precursor to what the cloud strategy. “Look at content consumption and content creation, we’re pretty good on the creation side, but there’s a whole new range of models in terms of consumption.” By purchasing webOS and launching Touchpad, HP has an opportunity “to leapfrog” the Wintel model. Focus with Touchpad will be on a product and suite of services that are enterprise-ready. Wednesday March 30, 2011 9:15 9:16Putting tablets in context: About 50 million tablets this year. We’ll consume over 400 million PCs. “This is not the end of a sprint but the beginning of a marathon. And all of you have se…

HP Appoints Brian Humphries to Lead New Growth Markets Organization

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HP Appoints Brian Humphries to Lead New Growth Markets Organization
PALO ALTO, Calif., March 30, 2011
HP today appointed Brian Humphries to lead the company’s strategy for accelerating revenue opportunities in the world’s fastest growing economies.

Developing business internationally is one of the key elements of HP’s growth strategy outlined by HP president and chief executive officer Léo Apotheker on March 14.

As senior vice president of the newly created Growth Markets Organization, Humphries will lead a team responsible for creating specialized go-to-market strategies, technology solutions, and customer, partner and public sector relationships that meet the unique needs of rapidly developing markets.

The Growth Markets Organization will initially focus on expanding HP’s business in 60 countries across Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central and South America. The group will report to Shane Robison, ex…

HP webOS TouchPad to ship in QuickOffice editable and wireless printing. 16, 32 and 64GB versions to come.

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Our last post was re-confirming as June for the HP webOS TouchPad launch.Link: June
 Now we are re-confirming the TouchPad will ship in with QuickOffice editable for you to manage  your Office documents. The device will also come with wireless printing.
HP showed off demo devices on the show floor at the HP APC 2011 event. Three models—with 16, 32 and 64 gigs of memory—are due sometime “this summer.” One HP exec said to expect a first WiFi-only model to debut in June, along with the upcoming WebOS 3.0.

WebOS 3.0 will support 128-bit SSL encryption and “most of” Microsoft’s ActiveSync profiles.
"With WebOS you don’t need a machine with a white cord to tie in and authorize your device.WebOS is truly cloud based. With WebOS you can take your SIM card and put it into another Palm and in five minutes have my complete calendar, Outlook, all the apps I’ve downloaded and not even need to be tied to a PC." said  HP´s DiFranco 

Introducing Amazon Cloud Drive! .Video

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What is Amazon Cloud Drive?Amazon Cloud Drive is your hard drive in the cloud. Store your music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon's secure servers. All you need is a web browser to upload, download, and access your files from any computer. Get more details about using Cloud Drive

5 GB of free online storageYour Cloud Drive comes with 5 GB of free storage—enough space to store up to 1000 songs. This space is yours to use as you like and you will never be charged for it.

Unlimited, secure access from any computerUse your Amazon Cloud Drive as the go-to location for all your important files. At work, at home, during your commute or while on vacation—you'll always have access to everything you've uploaded to your Cloud Drive through your Amazon account.

Never worry about losing your files againStore files in your Cloud Drive and never worry about losing them if your computer crashes, or is lost …

Strive Concept Car of the Future

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Seoul Motor Show 2011 Seoul Motor Show, Special Events Committee is one of the Korea Institute of Design and Co-week-existence 'Competition 9th students are Khadijah's target yunhanbin (Art Center College of Design USA, United States) of the' Strive Concept 'Announcement of said.

Yunhanbin won the honor of the target (Art Center College of Design USA) for his own work, "Strive Concept Car of the Future is an innovative concept never felt before, and enjoyment of new experiences will be created," says said.

For this competition, 'Future Car' In keeping with the theme, iconic cars of the future of 176 works in a variety of ideas were submitted.

Especially the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Argentina, Iran, Mexico, Brazil and 51 points from 17 countries exhibited Cadiz are the Seoul Motor Show 2011 as the International Competition to become the competition was by.

In Gold yuukha (Ang), the 'Alfa Ro…

Intel 320 series solid-state drive hits 600GB. Technical specifications.

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"This greatly improves a user's multitasking capabilities. For example, a user can easily play background music or download a video, while working on a document with no perceivable slow down," Intel said in a statement. 320 series SSDs also add enhanced data security features, power-loss management and innovative data redundancy features.

The higher performance of SSDs will cost you. Though a 160GB drive is offered for a relatively reasonable $289 (in 1,000-unit quantities), this jumps to $1,069 for the 600GB drive.
Intel SSDs are available at retailers such as Best Buy and Fry's Electronics.

Smart meets fast. The Intel® Solid-State Drive 320 Series is the hard drive alternative that offers better performance and protects your data.
Shift your PC’s performance into high gearIntel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs) just got better. The next generation Intel SSD 320 Series offers built-in data protection features…

iPad 2 now available on Radio Shack stores.

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Retailer to offer new Apple tablet in 500 U.S. locations.RadioShack Corp. said it will start selling the iPad 2 beginning today at 500 locations, marking the latest retailer to offer Apple Inc.'s hottest device.

RadioShack joins other retailers that already have been selling the device since its release more than two weeks ago. Best Buy Co. Inc., Target Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., as well as Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon Communications Inc. and Vodafone Group PLC, and AT&T outlets sell the second-generation iPad, which continues to face inventory shortages.

RadioShack said it will sell the iPad 2 at the same prices that Apple already offers. A company spokesperson didn't say why its expected iPad 2 launch failed to coincide with the product's main release on March 11.

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