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Red Flag for Skype in China ?

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The popular Internet telephone service Skype could be dealt a major setback in one of the world's largest markets as the Chinese government cracks down on what it called illegal Internet telephone providers.

A Chinese government circular from the powerful Ministry of Information and Industry Technology called for a crackdown "on illegal VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) telephone services" and said it was collecting evidence for legal cases against them. It did not name any phone companies.

Skype was still available in China on Friday evening through its joint venture partner TOM Online.
Skype had not yet been contacted by Chinese government officials, a Skype spokesman said on Friday in the United States.

The timing of a ban in one of the world's fastest growing markets could dampen investor enthusiasm for Skype as it prepares a 2011 initial public offering. The Luxembourg-based company, which has about 124 million users…

CES 2011: LG to unveil new TV adapter at CES that will bring all the “Smart TV” fun currently offered with LG’s latest wireless HDTVs.

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LG Smart TV Upgrader makes every TV smarterST600 Smart TV Upgrader Lets Users Enjoy Web Browser and Premium Content on Their Regular TV SetsAt this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, LG Electronics (LG) will be unveiling the Smart TV Upgrader (ST600) that makes it easy for viewers to transform their regular TVs into Smart TVs at an affordable price. Embracing all the benefits of internet connectivity, the Upgrader gives regular TV owners access to all of LG’s Smart TV functions including premium online content, Smart Share and the full range of LG Apps.
“The market for Smart TVs is set to take off this year, and the ST600 offers a perfect entry point,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. “With the LG Smart TV Upgrader, we’re taking the excitement and convenience of Smart TV and adding in LG’s trademark ease-of-use because we see a significant audience who are interested but not interested…

HP webOS: Astraware Mahjong Game for Palm Pre now available

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Astraware Mahjong is a full-featured Mahjong Solitaire game with gorgeous 3D graphics and these unique features: AutoZoom - optional feature which zooms in or out from the play area automatically based on the number of tiles remaining; Mahjong of the Day daily challenge - play the featured day's puzzle at your chosen difficulty level and once completed, submit your time to compare with other players worldwide; and truly solvable puzzles at Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels, as well as Classic - traditional Mahjong puzzles where a straightforward solution is not guaranteed. Astraware Mahjong also includes full tutorial, 30+ puzzle layouts, optional adjustable tile highlighting, shuffle and undo moves, the ability to manually zoom in to the board using pinch/zoom, fun achievements, and a choice of decorative tile sets and traditional backgrounds.

Download link for your Palm Pre: Astraware

CES 2011: Mitsubishi will showcase the Diamond 3D Projector At CES

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This 3D projector is capable of full 1080p display. Since it's a projector, you'll be able to alter the display size to fit your own preferences. Mitsubishi gives 100" as the maximum size. The Diamond is powered an SXRD liquid crystal optical engine.

It brags image contrast of 120,000:1 and uses something called extra-low dispersion glass into the lens in order to avoid the weird color distortion projectors occasionally see. The Diamond has a 120 Hz refresh rate and an independent management function that gives you control over hue, intensity and individual color brightness.

This is a quiet projector too. It puts out only 19 dBa of noise and has two HDMI 1.4 outlets. The lamp comes with a 1-year warranty and the bulb is good for 4,000 hours.

The really nice thing about a projector is that it allows you to have a high-end entertainment set-up, something you can use to wow a room full of people. At the same time, turning your li…

Intel® Anti-Theft Technology Demo Video.

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Find out how laptop security measures can help protect your data,

CES 2011:Copia: Social eReading Platform will be Featured, Available on Multiple Tablets and Mobile Devices

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Today, Copia announced that at CES 2011 multiple top tier OEMs will feature its platform on their tablets and mobile devices.
By combining social networking and eBooks sales, Copia expands the parameters of the book as we know it. Readers can purchase books, highlight passages, take notes and share them, as well as comment on other users' entries. A book can exist both in its original published form and become a mutating work as comments are added and different views are expressed.
Powered by its unique patent-pending collaborative annotation tool, Copia is redefining how the world interacts with books, allowing readers - regardless of location and on multiple devices - to instantly share thoughts and create discussions in the margins of their open eBooks.
"As the eReading trend continues to grow, top tier OEMs are looking for the best way to attract readers to their devices, and they recognize that only a Copia eBook lets people h…

CES 2011: Midland Introduces High Def Ear Warmer Headsets. SubZero and BTSKI

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Midland Radio Corporation is proud to introduce two earwarmer headsets, the SubZero and BT SKI. Now, listen to your favorite music, or talk on a cell phone or Midland 2-way radio all while your ears stay warm.
These headsets, sporting a faux fur lining, comfortably hug your neck and adjust to snugly fit any size head. Key to these products is the high sensitivity, noise cancelling microphone allowing you to clearly hear your music or caller without background noise interference.
Delivering a high quality stereo surround sound, both headsets are easy-to-use. Press once to answer an incoming call or once to pause/resume playing music. Press twice to advance to the next song. Both come with a 3.5 stereo plug compatible with iPhone®, Droid® and other types of cell phones. The cable is also compatible with iPod® and MP3 players or easily connects to Midland’s 2-way radios.
“The SubZero is a corded headset and is perfect for individuals who spend…

CES 2011: Samsung AMOLED Mobile Display Unveils Next-generation Displays at CES

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Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) will be demonstrating leading-edge, next generation AMOLED displays at Pepcom’s The Digital Experience! press event during the Consumer Electronics Show, at the Caesars Palace Hotel on Wednesday, January 5th from 7 to 10pm.

1. A 4.5-inch WVGA Flexible AMOLED offering world’s highest flexible display resolution
SMD is presenting a prototype of the most advanced flexible AMOLED display. Only 2mm thick, the 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED runs at a WVGA 800 x 480 resolution and can be rolled down to a one centimeter radius.

At WVGA, this new concept prototype offers a display resolution four times that of the previous most flexible AMOLED prototype in the industry, thanks to the use of a new plastic substrate that can withstand the 450-500 degree temperatures required in the manufacturing process.

Typically, flexible displays use plastic substrates instead of glass substrates because this helps the display become light…

Skype Video Ad for iPhone and iTouch

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The video is available for some countries.That is the Youtube policy.Nice commercial A little crazy but nice.

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Official: Skype for iPhone and iTouch is available now

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The Skype app for the iphone and itouch is avaliable on the Apple app store.

Skype for iPhone FAQsCan I use Skype over 3G?Skype works on the iPod touch. Find out moreCan I receive incoming Skype calls/chats on my iPhone?

DescriptionWith Skype on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can make and receive calls, and instant message anyone else on Skype, wherever they are in the world. You can also save on international calls and text messages to phones. Skype is free to download and easy to use. With the latest version, you can now call over 3G*, and keep Skype running in the background.

• Call Skype-to-Skype, wherever you are

Call your Skype contacts wherever you may be, either on 3G or WiFi, with near CD quality sound. It's completely free to call people on Skype over WiFi or 3G*.

• Great value international calls and text messages

If your contacts abroad aren't on Skype, you can still reach them and save with Skype's great rat…

Apple is expected to release three versions of iPad 2. A CDMA version to Verizon ? and taking on Kindle with anti-smudge and anti-reflective treatments.

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“Apple is expected to release three versions of iPad 2, supporting either or a combination of Wi-Fi, UMTS and CDMA, for 2011 with mass production to start as early as the later half of January. Apple will ship about 500,000-530,000 units to channels in January with shipment ratio of Wi-Fi, UMTS and CDMA models at 3:4:3, according to industry sources, citing upstream component makers.”
The iPad 1 is currently offered in two configurations: WiFi only and WiFi+3G — and the 3G is exclusively with AT&T. If the rumor pans out it would mean that iPad 2 would be available on Verizon Wireless (and other CDMA networks) in addition to AT&T’s current offering.
The sources pointed out that about 60-65% of current iPad shipments are 3G models, indicating that consumers prefer models that are able to connect to the Internet all the time, therefore Apple is aiming to work even more closely with telecom carriers by offering more wireless solutions …

Apple is forecasting 65 millions iPads sold for 2011-2010 (ipad2 and ipad)

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Shipments of 9.7-inch iPad panels from LG Display reached 1.5 million units in November 2010, and fellow supplier Samsung Electronics' shipments reached 1.2 million units for the month.
LG Display is estimated to land orders for 35 million iPad panels in 2011, and Samsung and Chimei Innolux (CMI), who is scheduled to join Apple's iPad supply chain in the first quarter of 2011, will each receive orders for 15 million units.
Based on these estimates, iPad panel shipments (including first and second generation models) will reach 65 million units in 2011, which is significantly higher than market estimates of 45-48 million units for the year. Market players noted that the 65 million unit shipment goal indicates that Apple is very optimistic about the tablet PC market in 2011, and it may also mean that Apple is overbooking panel capacity.
According to Digitimes Research, Taiwan suppliers supply all touch panel modules …

Archos 70 tablet now with 250GB HDD

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The Archos 70 tablet is equipped now with a massive 250GB HDD.

The ARCHOS 70 features the industry-standard 1 GHz processor and a 3D Graphics accelerator. Running Android 2.2 Froyo, the tablet supports Flash 10.1 and 720p HD video playback.

Where the Archos 70 steps ahead of the competition beyond the storage capacity is the screen. Measuring in at 10.1 inches, the capacitive touch screen takes both gaming and multimedia to new highs.

Unique Android™ Multimedia ApplicationsOn top of Android’s latest version, ARCHOS, still at the forefront of innovation, brings you exclusive applications: The internet tablets feature music, video and photo applications, developed by ARCHOS, that enrich the user experience with smooth browsing through the album covers and with widgets added to the home screen to give instant access and control to media. These unique Android™ applications allow users to amplify their digital experience. One of these functions…

CES 2011: Mobile web activity measured for first time by GFK

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Press Release:

Mobile web activity measured for first time
Research tool produces insights into daily usage of mobile internet

Mobile internet behavior has been quantified for the first time thanks to a ground-breaking research tool. Detailed insights on the mobile activity of over 200,000 mobile internet consumers in three European countries have already been produced, thanks to GfK Retail and Technology’s unique ‘Network Intelligence Solution’ (NIS). The pioneering research method analyses mobile behaviour via operators’ IP traffic.
“NIS allows us to provide both operators and the media industry with relevant and reliable information, enabling them to fully monetize mobile traffic for the first time” states Fredrik Hallberg, Managing Director of GfK NIS.
Mobile internet activity naturally takes off in the morning and by 10am high traffic is visible. The peak occurs just before 4.30pm as people leave to return home from the workplace. The usage differs consid…

CES 2011: Bracketron Introduces Innovative New Apple® iPad® Lift Desktop Solution

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Bracketron, the leading manufacturer in mounting solutions for mobile consumer electronics, today announced a versatile new desktop stand for the popular Apple iPad. The ultra slim iPad Lift features eight convenient viewing angles and the ability to collapse flat for easy portability when you’re on the go. The nonslip feet and sturdy design securely hold your iPad in both portrait and landscape modes for ultimate flexibility.

“The iPad continues to grow in popularity and has turned the portable computing business on its head,” said Mark Mandel, Executive Vice President. “We believe the iPad Lift is the ideal companion accessory to take with you wherever you go.”

The iPad Lift will soon be available at many leading consumer electronics retailers and on the Bracketron website at

About Bracketron
Founded in 2001, Bracketron's successful first product offering, the custom bezel mount, was engineered for the profess…

CES 2011: Phoenix Gold® to Unveil World's First OEM Integration Car Audio Amplifier & Subwoofer Combo at 2011 CES

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Phoenix Gold ( has long been seen as a trailblazer in the field of car audio, offering amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers that push the limits of engineering, technology and contemporary style. 

At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January, the company will take that legendary reputation one giant step further with the introduction of its Innovations Award winning i-Series "OEM integration" amplifier/subwoofer kit. Designed in conjunction with the Pacific Accessory Corporation (PAC), the Phoenix Gold i-Series amplifier represents a synergy of state of the art engineering and applied technology philosophy.

Installing an amplifier into today's technologically complex vehicles is not an easy task. One not only has to deal with a maze of wires, but also needs to splice into data and computer control systems, often with a patchwork of black box solutions. This leads to a high possibility of damaging vehicle co…

CES 2011: New Verizon Home Monitoring and Control Service Will Make the Concept of the 'Connected Home' a Reality. Demos at CES

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New Verizon Home Monitoring and Control Service Will Make the Concept of the 'Connected Home' a Reality. Demos at CESService, Being Tested in New Jersey, Offers Home Owners Anytime, Anywhere Access to Lights, Thermostats, Appliances and Monitoring Systems, via Smartphones, Computers and FiOS TV
You're miles away from home when you realize that you've forgotten to lock the front door. With a new, fully integrated and customizable home monitoring and control service developed by Verizon, you won't have to panic and frantically call a friend or neighbor. The service, now in the trial phase and expected to be available in the first half of 2011, will enable customers to lock doors remotely; see what's going on at home via networked cameras; and set, adjust and control lights, smart thermostats and appliances -- all by using a smartphone or a computer or through FiOS TV.

Verizon will showcase the new service, Home Monitoring and Control, an…