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HP iPrint Photo v3.0 By Hewlett Packard now available for iPad/iPhone/iTouch.

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DescriptionOne-stop photo app for the photo enthusiast!

With this free, one-stop app - you can capture and edit photos. Wirelessly print photos, PDF, and text files directly from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to HP Inkjet printers connected to a local wireless (WiFi) network.

Key Features & Benefits:
• Easy wireless printing directly to HP Inkjet printers connected to a local WiFi* network
• Drop dead simple to use & fun – anyone can do it!
• Print to a broad portfolio of HP Inkjet printers including the Photosmart, Deskjet, Business Inkjet, Color Inkjet, & Officejet line-up. See the supported printers list at
• Get high print quality from HP’s image scaling and de-noise technology and print photos in 3.5x5”, 4x6”, 5x7” (and metric equivalents 9x13 cm, 10x15 cm, & 13x18 cm)
• Print U.S. wallet size photos: 2.5x3.25” (2-up on 4x6” photo paper)
• Automatic printer set-up – discove…

The Ace Group connects online, offline worlds with HP Indigo Digital Presses

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010Press release from the issuing company

Palo Alto, Calif. – The Ace Group Inc., a marketing and print service provider based in New York City, is using QR Codes (Quick Response, 2-D bar codes) and HP digital printing technologies to bring the digital and physical worlds together.

Because of widespread smartphone adoption and growing mobile internet use, QR Codes have created an avenue for marketers and publishers to bolster their multichannel marketing campaigns. Anyone with a camera-equipped mobile phone can scan a QR Code to be linked to relevant online content, such as an informational video or website.

Marketers and publishers can advance their communications with consumers by using a QR Code to prompt a text message, provide company contact information, prompt a consumer to enter a phone number or other actions. Marketers and publishers can track these actions to provide data on when and where consumers find …

Verizon Wireless Hosts 4G LTE News Conference On Dec. 1st ,12:00 noon EST

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Finally VerizonWireless is launching their 4G LTE network in the US and has called to a news conference  featuring Tony Melone SVP, who will detail the company’s major 4G LTE network launch, at 12:00 noon EST on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010.

There have been some rumors about what will they offer for speeding up devices using the 4G LTE network,one of them is that Verizon will offer USB  modems : The LG VL600 and Pantech UML290, as we posted before here:

38 US major areas are going to be covered by the net.

Also there is a rumor that six  4G LTE phones Verizon will announce at CES 2010 Jan 6-9.

If you have not watched the latest Verizon Videos about 4G LTE Promo Ad and a Demo in Boston, yet, you can go to this link:…

Samsung: Continuum S Phone First to Include SRS WideSurround Technology Solution

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Watch this video using mobile phone speakers:

SRS Launches First Complete Surround Sound Solution Designed Specifically for Smartphones Equipped with Stereo SpeakersSamsung Continuum S Phone First to Include SRS WideSurround Technology Solution for the Ultimate Personal Multimedia Experience
SRS Labs, Inc.officially recognized as one of America's Greatest Brands and the industry leader in surround sound, audio and voice technologies, today announced the first commercial deployment of SRS WideSurround(TM), a revolutionary audio solution designed to deliver the ultimate in immersive surround sound through a smartphone's built-in stereo speakers, on the new Samsung Continuum(TM) Galaxy S(TM) smartphone.
"Today's smartphones either carry or have access to massive libraries of songs, movies and TV shows but, unfortunately, almost all of these mobile devices suffer the drawback of collapsed audio, due to their small and closely …

Technology: HP Announces Industry’s First Unified System to Manage Application Lifecycle

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November 30, 2010Technology & InnovationHP Software Universe Barcelona 2010HP Software Universe is HP’s biggest enterprise software event of the year, bringing together clients, partners and executives.HP Software Universe Barcelona 2010 is the premier event where clients learn how to simplify the secure delivery of modern applications and services, which are the heart of their business. Media will learn about market drivers causing clients to adopt new HP solutions and services that accelerate the delivery of applications, lower application costs and achieve business alignment without sacrificing quality.
BARCELONA, Spain -- HP today introduced the first unified system to accelerate the reliable, secure delivery of software applications and services across heterogeneous environments.HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11 unites and automates the critical activities of modernization applications – from requirements management to…

LTE: Vividwireless to Trial TD-LTE in Australia. Speed test Video.

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Australian wireless broadband provider, vividwireless, has announced  trial of TD-LTE which can deliver peak speeds of more than 100Mbps.
vividwireless CEO Martin Mercer said the trial with technology partner Huawei Australia was part of the company’s continuing technology roadmap assessment.
“vividwireless is trialing the advanced TD-LTE technology to evaluate and determine the very best mobile voice and broadband service to meet our customers’ future needs. vividwireless is determined to ensure that it retains its ranking as Perth’s fastest wireless broadband provider,” he said.
The trial will cover the market readiness of TD-LTE, including the technology’s capacity, coverage and ‘real world’ performance.
The trial will commence in December 2010 in inner-city Sydney around Redfern, as well as Western Sydney around Horsley Park. These locations will allow vividwireless to test the performance of the technology in high demand, hig…

Technology: Crime solving is going digital.Video.

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Crime solving is going digital. Police say digital evidence left behind from cell phones, computers or PDAs can be found at nearly every crime scene.

"A lot of times, it's evidence that will take you to your next step in the investigative lead, so it will tell us who this person has been in touch with or who they've been emailing or texting," said Richard Mislan, Ph.D., a cyber-forensic researcher at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.

To help dig up digital evidence and catch criminals, cyber-forensic researchers use a device called a flasher box. It finds clues hiding in cell phones.

"A flasher box is used for extracting a full memory from a mobile phone," Dr. Mislan said.

A phone's memory card is removed and plugged into a flasher box. Computer software extracts the phone's coded information and decodes the information to reveal the phone's call history, text messages, e-mails, calendar, image…

Palm webOS: Tweet Cam app for upload/post pics to Twitter.

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TweetCamTweetCam is the fastest way to upload/post pictures to Twitter. All you do is launch the App and start snapping. The pictures are automatically uploaded in the background and posted to twitter. You can also choose to manually upload photos from your phone's photo library too.
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Download link for your Palm pre and Pixi :

Palm webOS: Casa App a Picasa web albums application.

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CasaExperience Picasa™ Web Albums natively on your webOS device. Picasa™ (by Google) is a popular web service for storing, sharing, organizing, and editing photos. Casa is a Picasa™ App for your phone.
 FEATURES: • View your Photo Albums • View other Public web Albums • Search for Photos • Download photos to your phone • Set Photos as Wallpaper • Share Albums/Photos via Email, SMS or Twitter • View and post comments for Photos • Upload photos to your Picasa™ Web Albums (At the moment, uploads are handled through emails)
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Download link for Palm Pre and Pixi: http://develo…

Symbian Foundation web sites a good bye : shutting down.

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The once dominant mobile OS symbiam used on Nokia phones is shutting down their Foundation (Symbian Developer) web sites on December 17th, 2010.

The question is until when Nokia will still making features phones with symbiam, now that every phone have touch or multitouch screens displays, even those features ones?. I have seen Huawei and ZTE going that way.

The Meego OS age for Nokia phones, now?

 Which websites will be affected?

All of the websites hosted by the Symbian Foundation will be affected:,,,,,,, The @Symbian Twitter feed and the fan page on Facebook are also likely to be discontinued.
Symbian Signed will continue to operate, as will Symbian communities hosted outside the Symb…

The Future: Tiny Supercomputers The Size of a Sugarcube

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The world's most powerful supercomputer could be the size of a sugar cube and more energy efficient than you might ever imagine.Researchers at IBM's Zurich Labs have developed a prototype supercomputer called the Aquasar that uses a water-cooling principle to keep the system from overheating. The Aquasar is a normal-sized computer; there's nothing tiny about it. But IBM thinks that the water-cooling technology that's proven effective in this supercomputer could work just as well in a vastly smaller machine.The processors in today's computers get very hot, and they have to be cooled off, usually by air. IBM found that using water to cool off a computer's processors is 4,000 times more efficient than using air.In fact, up to 50 percent of an average air-cooled data center's energy consumption and carbon footprint today is just from powering the necessary cooling systems to keep the processors from overheating.Di…